March 22, 2017
The Glengarry News, Page 6

By Inez Franklin
County Correspondent

As the secretary of the Glengarry Fencibles Trust Executive committee, it was my distinct pleasure to accept an invitation to receive the donated proceeds of a soup and sandwich lunch held last Sunday at St. Anthony’s Church in Apple Hill. The event was hosted by the Catholic Women’s League of St. Anthony and St. James (Maxville). Its members were inspired to donate to the Bishop’s House project based on a recent presentation given in Finch by Linda Wood.

I’m a member of St. Finnan’s CWL, and a former resident of St. Elmo, so I knew many of the folks at the lunch. I shared a table with Emma Rose Rayburn, Alexandria-Cornwall Diocesan CWL President, and her League sisters Mary Ellen Villeneuve and Lucy Rolland. Several acquaintances stopped by to chat and to make a donation.

I was delighted to offer thanks on behalf of the Glengarry Fencibles Trust for the generous donation, totalling just over $1,000. Of course, that will be doubled by the Parks Canada matching-funds program. It just goes to show what a small community can do! We deeply appreciate the wonderful support for the Bishop’s House by the CWL and the community.
Next weekend, Archbishop Prendergast will pay a pastoral visit to the three parishes of St. Anthony’s, St. James and St. Michael’s (Monkland).

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