Military reenactors from the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles (the deep green uniforms) were bivouacked on the west lawn of the Bishop’s House May 20-21 for their Garrison Training weekend. Two hundred and ten years ago, this very parade ground was used by the regiment and the Glengarry Militia for regular drill training — right here in St.Raphael’s. 

The Bishop’s House itself holds a special place in their hearts. This was where the Fencibles regiment was born with Reverend Alexander Macdonell as chaplain —  known later as the Big Bishop or the Warrior Bishop. (Years earlier, during the Napoleonic War in Europe, Macdonell had been chaplain of the original Glengarry Fencibles.)

The present-day Fencibles are a welcoming group, open to sharing their knowledge with the public. Modern members are concentrated throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, but they are proud to train right here in Glengarry County, often at the Dunvegan Museum.

AGM 2022
Dry Stone Canada workshop completes Bishop's House wall rebuild
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