Glengarry Fencibles Trust, a charity with stewardship of the Bishop’s House of Glengarry, wishes to acknowledge a non-repayable contribution of $25,786 from the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).

The Bishop’s House, part of St. Raphael’s Ruins National Historic Site, is a spacious stone landmark (1808) being adapted for reuse as a cultural and educational centre for both the community and visitors alike. With this FedDev Ontario investment and a matching contribution of $8,595 from supporters, the Trust was able to update the wiring in 800 square feet of the downstairs, plaster and paint walls, and restore or replicate heritage millwork.

In addition, this formal space was made more accessible with the removal of layers of uneven flooring that could impede those with wheelchairs or walkers. Now, all these rooms are again at one level, and the original tongue-in-groove maple floorboards are sparkling once again.

The FedDev Ontario contribution also made possible the next stage of the Trust’s Accessibility Project: construction this summer of a natural stone ramp and a back veranda level with the newly-refinished floors. The veranda will not only accommodate those who cannot climb the many stairs out front, but it will also provide additional space for people to enjoy the scenic landscape at social gatherings.

“The Government of Canada’s investment will improve the accessibility of Bishop’s House of Glengarry and welcome more visitors. Investing in the preservation of historic sites helps us understand and preserve our past,” said the Honorable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. “Our government is happy to invest in spaces with cultural history that attract new visitors and strengthen our communities for the long term.”

The front steps lead to the newly-conserved area
The front steps lead to the newly-conserved area
Newly refurbished hallway
Once inside the newly refurbished hallway, one can see the rear doorway that will become the new accessible entrance
Glengarry Fencibles Trust is a charity (No. 815494265RR0001) named after the 1812 Light Infantry Regiment spearheaded by Alexander Macdonell (1762-1840), a Catholic priest who came to the Scottish settlement of St. Raphael’s in 1804. He also became chaplain of the regiment (drills were held on the parade ground in front of his presbytery), and the First Bishop of Upper Canada. In 1924 he was named a National Historic Person of Canada.
Annual General Meeting
Remembering the Great Dane Lanken
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