The Bishop would be pleased

By STEVEN WARBURTON News Staff More than 200 years ago, Bishop Alexander Macdonell sat in his parlour, contemplating the following Sunday’s homily or, perhaps, his next building project. By the end of this summer, that parlour might be open to the public....

First Bishop, first college

The two-and-a-half-storey structure was constructed on the 5.5-acre property in 1808. It served as Rev. Macdonell’s residence until 1836. From its inception, it was also a school known as the College of Iona. It became the first publicly-supported Roman Catholic...

$100K for Heritage Site Work

The Glengarry Fencibles Trust (GFT) has received close to $100,000 in federal money to help in its efforts to preserve the Bishop’s House, located just west of Iona Academy in St. Raphael’s.

Restoration and Removal

“For members of my living history unit, who recreate and educate the public on early Glengarry history and what life was like during the War of 1812, the Bishop’s House is Holy Ground,” said Jim Mullin, a living history re-enactor with the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles.