Gala Dinner: Memories of Iona

The Glengarry News, page 7 April 24, 2019 By Inez Franklin North Lancaster     The Glengarry Fencibles Trust is delighted to report that the April 13 Gala Dinner in support of The Bishop’s House restoration project was a memorable success. Creative collaborators Tish...

Restoration and Removal

“For members of my living history unit, who recreate and educate the public on early Glengarry history and what life was like during the War of 1812, the Bishop’s House is Holy Ground,” said Jim Mullin, a living history re-enactor with the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles.

Fencibles Trust Gala Dinner and Annual General Meeting

The Glengarry Fencibles Trust is the community group which purchased The Bishop’s House in St. Raphael’s and is undertaking its restoration and renovation. The group’s goal is to open the site to the public as an educational and interpretive centre, with space for community use and events. The Fencibles’ efforts will preserve an integral component of an important National Heritage Site.